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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

Helen Keller
NouriSol combines the words 'Nouri' for the nourishment of both soil and plants,

the French word for soil ('sol')

and the Swedish word for sun ('sol'),

reflecting our mission, the key ingredients of our product, and the origin of the co-founders.
Meet the Team
marine circular.png


CEO and Co-Founder

Marine is a Biological and Biofuels Process Engineer, a 2024 Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a former RSE Enterprise Fellow. Her PhD focused on developing sustainable biofertilizers from microorganisms in order to tackle the challenges faced by farmers worldwide. Working in international multi-disciplinary environments has given her the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of business activities such as project management, communication, strategic planning, and technology development. 

301122-Prof Patrik Jones portrait-006 copy 2.png


CSO and Co-founder

Patrik is Professor of Metabolic Engineering at Imperial College London, where he is managing R&D projects aiming to enhance our overall sustainability and teaching both biotechnology and entrepreneurship. His long track-record in project management, early-stage biotechnology entrepreneurship, research on prokaryotic microorganisms and large-scale fermentation are essential assets to NouriSol.

Harriet circle.png


Product Lead

Role: Design, Implementation and Analysis of product trials

Expertise: 1st Class BSc Biol. Sci. Univ. Exeter, Production assistant.



Manufacturing Lead

Role: Design, Implementation and Analysis of product manufacturing.

Expertise: 1st Class BSc Zoology, Univ. Liverpool. Five years of experience with algae cultivation up to 30,000L scale.

Meet our Partners
Our founding team's wealth of experience and technical skillset are complemented by the invaluable insights and feedback from leading experts and institutions, who are united and aligned with our vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Fruitful collaborations with our Algae, Business and Agronomy partners have been instrumental to our progress, we thank them both for  their support to date! 
We are an official partner of TESCO, a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailers.

We are working together with their R&D team and farmers to develop our products. This includes collaborative trials and verification of market and impact.


University of Exeter

Mike is a marine biotechnologist with two decades of research experience working with and valorising algae. The author of > 100 research articles, Mike has published cutting edge research on topics including bioremediation, water sanitation, high throughput liquid processing, novel technology development and biorefineries.



Peter is the SME Fruit and Veg Agronomist for Abel & Cole, an organic food retailer in the UK working with a network of over 150 growers.


He brings 20 years of agronomy experience, including working for the giant Bayer CropScience.

He has a deep understanding of soil conditions and sustainable practices in the UK.

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